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ESG issues are a core concern for us

Our corporate identity underpins our fundamentals and our positioning as an expert, responsible and considerate partner.

Our responsible governance enables us to move forward as one and reinforce the positive impact of our activities in various ways

Integrating CSR issues

into all of our business practices and our investment policy.

Limiting our footprint

in other words our direct environmental impact as a service company.

Acting responsibly

to position Crédit Logement as a trusted actor and unify its stakeholders.

Developing our talents

by anticipating structural, sectoral and regulatory changes through employee training and engagement.

Guaranteeing your peace of mind

In keeping with our commitment to constantly innovate and make life easier for our ecosystem, we stand with our banking partners in their efforts to meet new sustainability-related challenges. These goals naturally underpin our ESG priorities.


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of our investments in UCITS carried the French Finance socially-responsible investment label


2022 marked a turning point in the incorporation of our ESG pillars into our corporate identity with publication of a manifesto asserting our engagement, In-house communication campaigns with awareness meetings and publication of our first Sustainability Report.

We have organised our ESG actions around six key pillars priorities

Social impact

Our employees are the beating heart of our organisation and we must ensure that they know this throughout their career with us.
Together with a sense of physical and mental well-being, we know that striking a healthy balance between employees’ personal lives and work lives is conducive to their engagement and self-fulfillment.

Societal impact

We want to raise awareness about ESG issues among all our stakeholders,
both by pursuing a policy in which our guarantee approval process factors in each borrower’s personal circumstances,
and by adopting a responsible and personal approach to debt collection as well as ethical and fair business practices.

Environmental impact

For many years, we have sought to limit the direct environmental impact of our activities through a pollution prevention plan, the responsible management of all types of waste and an energy renovation plan.
We are also careful to use sustainable sourcing and responsible purchasing channels.

Responsible solutions and business practices

At Crédit Logement, we provide as many people as possible with the chance to own their home through our guarantee solution, which is based on the principle of pooling borrower risks.
We have also developed other solutions to help our banking partners manage changes in the property market: CLR Servicing, La Formation, BRS, CL.Data and CL.Estim.
We work to ensure that all stakeholders are informed about our solutions and how we distribute them.

Responsible investment policy

We pursue a very secure investment policy designed to prioritise counterparties from core euro area countries. These counterparties are only authorised if they satisfy strict criteria, have incorporated ESG risks and are involved in no regulatory controversies..
We also take ESG criteria (SFDR classification in particular) into account when making indirect investments - in UCITS, for example.

Responsible governance

Given our status as a finance company, risk management is a core governance focus, and ESG issues are taken into consideration at the highest level.
We maintain close ties with third parties, be it with our oversight body (ACPR) or with industry bodies (OCBF, ASF, etc.).
We are heavily involved in tackling corruption and money laundering and regularly stage awareness events for our employees.

2022 Sustainability Report

Download our latest Sustainability Report

We develop various services to support our ecosystem, so that we can continue to work with all our partners to build and maintain a more secure, stable, ethical and responsible property market

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