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Guaranteeing your peace of mind

For more than 45 years, Crédit Logement has taken an impartial, expert and sensitive approach to provide banks and borrowers with peace of mind when it comes to financing property loans.

A leader in the French residential property market

Removing stress

Crédit Logement’s goal is to give as many people as possible the chance to own their home using our guarantee solution, which is based on the principle of pooling borrower risks.

Finding the best solution

Acting in all parties’ interests by limiting payment defaults and taking steps to enable repayments to resume and give banks and borrowers peace of mind.

A clear and efficient process

A highly automated approval process involving detailed analysis of borrowers’ ability to repay loans.

Expert teams

Banking partners can rely on Crédit Logement’s expert risk analysis teams. The decision to provide a guarantee is based on a set of criteria and human analysis designed to ensure that the borrower is solvent and able to repay on time.

That is why we place emphasis on responsibility, sensitivity and clearly explaining every step of the borrowing process.

By providing a second opinion on a loan application, we give banks peace of mind and lend weight to their own analysis of financing applications.


Gross annual production

240 851


204 271




10 millions

Since 1975, 10 million borrowers have availed of the Crédit Logement Guarantee to take out a property loan without a mortgage charge mechanism and successfully buy their home.

At Crédit Logement, we are committed to providing everyone with peace of mind so that, together, we can build and maintain a more secure, stable and responsible financing system.


Competitively priced, repayment of a high proportion of the contribution to the MGF and no need for mortgage registration..
Flexibility : quick to obtain or exit, with no extra cost in case of early repayment.
Peace of mind throughout the life of the loan: Crédit Logement and its staff will always try to find the most suitable solution for each borrower.

Debt Collection

Debt collection management is included in the Crédit Logement Guarantee.
Crédit Logement seeks to reconcile two objectives: Keeping commitments secure;
Acting in the interests of all parties (lender, borrower and surety) by limiting events of default and taking steps to enable repayments to resume so that bank and borrower can have peace of mind.

Other solutions

CL.Data puts you in the driving seat to explore, analyse and compare home loan rates.
CL.Estim enables you to obtain a valuation for individual properties or whole portfolios.
Thanks to Crédit Logement’s expertise, 664 of our real estate professionals have been trained in the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD).
Outsourced litigation collection by banks, Collection for non-performing loan (NPL) funds, NPL management for third parties.

Crédit Logement is a ‘Société de Financement’ financial institution

Our society is overseen by the French prudential supervisory and resolution authority (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution - ACPR).

Our company is overseen by the French prudential supervisory and resolution authority (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution – ACPR).
The Crédit Logement Guarantee is recognised by the Basel Committee (Basel III framework) and the credit rating agencies as being comparable to a physical collateral guarantee, which gives banks that use it access to various forms of refinancing such as covered bonds, securitisation and solutions provided by specialised housing finance companies (sociétés de financement de l’habitat).

Commitment to ESG goals

Ever since our creation we have helped make the world of real estate more accessible, user-friendly and responsible for our partner banks and borrowers. The current developments in the area of ESG reflect Crédit Logement’s DNA and so are naturally in line with its approach.

Strong financial position

Securing nearly 60% of all outstanding French home loans, financial guarantees are the most popular form of collateral in France, and Crédit Logement has a leading position in financial guarantees for home loans.