What we do

Ten million borrowers have used a Crédit Logement Guarantee to take out a property loan with no associated mortgage charge and successfully buy their own home.

A reliable, secure and hassle-free alternative to the mortgage charge system.

With a mortgage charge, the loan is secured against the property being bought. In the event of non-payment, the bank may seize the property and sell it at auction to recover the amount it has lent the borrower, before any other creditors.

With a financial guarantee such as the one provided by Crédit Logement, the commitment lies with a third party.


The Crédit Logement Guarantee provides banks and borrowers alike with security when it comes to financing property loans. It is a reliable, secure and hassle-free alternative to the mortgage charge system.

Debt collection

Debt collection management is included in the Crédit Logement guarantee. Should a borrower default on a property loan, we do everything we can to actively seek the best solution to help them pay their debt to the bank and avoid their home being repossessed. We help the borrower find an amicable and suitable arrangement to rectify the situation and get back on track with payments.

Our other solutions

Crédit Logement plays an important role in making life easier for our banking partners when it comes to residential property lending, by developing innovative solutions such as La Formation, CL.Data and CL.Estim.

The advantages of choosing Crédit Logement

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A fast, cost-effective and supportive solution

The formalities involved in a Crédit Logement guarantee are fewer and simpler than with a mortgage charge. The guarantee is not strictly linked to the property for which the borrower has applied for a loan. If a borrower wishes to sell the property before the term of the guaranteed loan, they will have no release fee to pay, unlike with a mortgage.

Peace of mind

Throughout the life of the loan, Crédit Logement and its staff will always try to find the most suitable solution for each borrower. That is why we place emphasis on responsibility, sensitivity and clearly explaining every step of the borrowing process.

No end risk

Crédit Logement carefully examines each application sent to us by our banking partners. We collect the debts backed by our guarantees ourselves, thereby eliminating the banks’ loan loss risk.

An effective economic guarantee

The bank is better protected against default-related losses than with a mortgage portfolio, and requires less capital due to a more favourable risk weighting. In this reassuring partnership, banks can be safe in the knowledge that Crédit Logement is committed to making their life easier.